Theo Wanne mouthpiece models listed by horn from Darkest (Edge-less) to Brightest (Edgy) left to right

Soprano Sax - Ambika, Gaia, Durga.

Alto Sax - NY Bros, Lakshmi, Gaia, Durga, Mindi Abair Custom.

Tenor Sax - Ambika, Slant Sig, Lakshmi, Gaia, Brahma, Durga, Shiva.

Bari Sax - Durga.


Theo Wanne Mouthpiece model characteristics from Darkest (Edge-less) to Brightest (Edgy)

  • Ambika 
    • Darkest, full bodied sound of the vintage 1940’s mouthpieces, but with much improved projection, ease of playing, and dynamics.  Smooth, little edge if at all.
  • NY Bros 
    • Dark, classic Meyer sound, modernized, smooth slight edge.
  • Slant Sig 
    • Dark, vintage, Otto Link style, hard rubber, smooth slight edge.
  • Lakshmi
    • Full, rich, and fat traditional sound with a big projection yet also a sweet sound.
  • Gaia 
    • Full, rich and fat traditional sound with some edge.
  • Brahma
    • Big sound, while also being ‘dark’ and vintage sounding at the same time.
  • Durga 
    • Big, versatile, full sounding, high baffle mouthpiece a good amount of edge.
  • Mindi Abair Custom 
    • The ultimate powerhouse alto mouthpiece, very edgy.
  • Shiva 
    • Great for Rock & Roll, Jazz, and R&B, or anywhere a big powerful sound is needed. Super edgy.

  • Edge difference: I find that a metal mouthpiece of a particular model compared to hard rubber of the same model has just slightly more edge than the hard rubber.  It is subtle but noticeable.
  • Feel difference: The feel of metal in your mouth is usually but not always a smaller profile and it is colder (at first) when compared to hard rubber.