Ambika - Tenor only

Warm, full bodied vintage sound that still projects well.

Classic Series - Alto (NY Bros) & Tenor (Slant Sig)

The traditional vintage saxophone mouthpiece sound and fully expressive.

Gaia2 - Soprano, Alto & Tenor

The traditional vintage saxophone mouthpiece sound...vastly improved.

Gaia2 - Clarinet

Classic clean, full and rich clarinet sound, but with a fullness and robust nature never before heard on a clarinet mouthpiece.  Revolutionary in marrying the benefits of vintage design and modern construction.

Durga3 - Soprano, Alto, Tenor & Baritone

Modern, fat, powerful, rich, and contemporary sound.

Mindi Abair Custom - Alto Only

The ultimate powerhouse alto mouthpiece, yet able to whisper quietly when needed.  Go toe to toe with any electric guitar with this one!

Shiva - Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone

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Power, edge and projection, all with a huge core sound rich in harmonics.


The Enlightened Ligature is rated #1 in the world. Our solid silver, titanium, vintified, & stainless steel
pressure plates allow for unheard of personalization in tone! We use real leather and premium woods.

Mouthpiece Measurement

Demistify your mouthpiece dimensions & characteristics.  Other mouthpiece size labels are often inaccurate.  Measure yours to be sure.