Mouthpiece Materials Matter

Does mouthpiece material affect the sound?

The answer is yes! Theo Wanne machined multiple versions of the same mouthpiece in every material from vintage to new that they could find. The result was unanimous amongst our team. Metal adds zing to the sound, rubber is resonant and warm. Rubber mouthpieces are wider so there is more material in your mouth too. Here are detailed descriptions:

  • BRASS – Brass is the most colorful and ringing of mouthpiece materials.
  • BRONZE – A bit denser, harder sound than brass, with a nice color to the sound.
  • STAINLESS STEEL – A clean focused loud sound, but not much color or richness to the sound.
  • SOLID SILVER – A warm rich sound, but lacking in color.
  • HARD RUBBER – If vintage or modern premium quality, the most resonant traditional material available.  It has a nice dark sound.
  • BLUE A.R.T. – More resonant than traditional materials.  The Blue Advanced Resonance Technology space-age material is available on Theo Wanne mouthpieces.
  • FIBERROD – More resonant than traditional materials.  Fiberrod is used on the Theo Wanne Slant Sig and NY BROS models.
  • STABLE WOOD – Wood is the darkest and warmest material available. It gives a very ‘personal’ sound. It has less volume and is less resonant than hard rubber, but that is part of what gives the ‘personal’ feel.