Saxophone Tips & Tricks

Do you have cool saxophone tips and tricks you would like to share? Is something puzzling you about your saxophone that you have not been able to figure out? Come rub elbows with your fellow Saxophonists at the workshop on…

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Mouthpiece Testing Bonanza Nov 19th

Do you want to test all sorts of Theo Wanne mouthpieces? We will have a huge selection available at the workshop for you whether you plan Soprano, Alto, Tenor, or Baritone. See you there!

Why Did She Do It?

Watch a fascinating video interview with saxophonist extraordinaire, Mindi Abair as she talks about the creation of her new Custom Signature Theo Wanne mouthpiece in collaboration with Theo Wanne.  I was able to catch Mindi when she was in town…

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Slant Sig Tenor Mouthpiece is here!

Have you Tenor players been waiting for the holy grail Tenor mouthpiece? Theo Wanne has used the best design principles from the first Slant Signature models in the early 1950s through the Early Babbitt models in the 1970s to make…

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Theo's Mouthpiece Workshop Presentation on YouTube!

Hello Saxophone Insights fans!

I have posted the video of Theo's 90 minute presentation from our Theo WanneTM Saxophone Mouthpiece Workshop on October 31, 2015 on YouTube.  If you missed the workshop here is your chance to hear it straight…

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Spooky Halloween Theo Wanne Mouthpiece Workshop!


36 people braved the wind and the rain to attend the Theo WanneTM Saxophone mouthpiece workshop on Halloween day in Seattle hosted by Saxophone Insights.  The air was electric as the saxophonists arrived for what turned out to be an…

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Theo Wanne Saxophone Mouthpiece Factory Visit

Searching for Saxophone Mouthpiece Nirvana

I have been playing saxophone since the day I heard the beautiful sound of a live saxophone played by the band director in my 5th grade classroom.  In reading an online saxophone forum discussion about…

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