What is a mouthpiece facing?

The facing is the continuous curve starting from the break and ending at the tip rail and is the surface the reed vibrates against while the musician blows into the mouthpiece.   The facing varies greatly among mouthpiece brands and dictates… Read more

How to tell if your mouthpiece has a large chamber

What is a True Large Chamber?

True Large Chamber mouthpieces have significantly larger chambers than the bore. They also have significantly rounded inner side walls that extend all the way to the tip. This is done to allow the sound…

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Do you play sax & clarinet?

Do you play sax and clarinet?  Do you have friends who play the clarinet?  Bring them with you to the workshop this Saturday and see the new GAIA2 for Clarinet!

Baffled by Mouthpiece Terminology?

Small, Medium, or Large Chamber, what is the difference and how do you tell? Hear the master, Theo Wanne, explain all the ins and outs of mouthpiece design and terminology. Join us for this free workshop this Saturday, Nov… Read more

Pesky leak or sticky pad got you down?

Do you have a pesky leak somewhere in your horn? Is that sticky pad driving you crazy? Come see some of the best repair people in town at the workshop next Saturday Nov 19.