Légère Reeds Rock!

I became really frustrated dealing with the inconsistency and waste of my cane reeds and thought I would give the Légère Signature Series Saxophone Reeds a try. I was blown away by these amazing reeds so I became a PRO Certified dealer for them. I never would have thought I would go to a synthetic reed myself but Légère Reeds are so consistent and reliable while sounding fantastic and responding beautifully that I will never go back. They actually make it even more fun to play saxophone!

Yes, one reed is about the cost of a box of cane reeds but it will last longer than a box of cane will and will always sound great. No more dud reeds here, no more reed management! And Légère reeds are a perfect companion to the Theo Wanne line of mouthpieces since they too, have a super high quality and fantastic line of mouthpieces!

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