36 people braved the wind and the rain to attend the Theo WanneTM Saxophone mouthpiece workshop on Halloween day in Seattle hosted by Saxophone Insights.  The air was electric as the saxophonists arrived for what turned out to be an amazing Seattle Saxophone community event.  The Theo Wanne team of Theo, Bryan, Matt, and Justin brought at ton of mouthpieces, prototypes, Mantra saxophones, and raffle giveaways for the audience.


We had Cennamo Woodwinds, Worldwide Sax, and Granlund Woodwinds set up their saxophone repair shops at the event displaying all sorts of vintage saxophone eye candy and offering repair tips for the attendees. 


Theo delivered a fascinating hour long presentation on the history of mouthpiece design highlighted by stories from his personal journey in the business of mouthpieces to where Theo Wanne, the company and his designs are today.  The audience was very engaged asking questions every step of the way.  Theo generously shared his wealth of knowledge and experience for everyone's benefit.

We also had a Distinguished guest attend, Bob Carpenter, the famous mouthpiece design and repair master for many years in the Seattle area.  Bob was Theo's mentor many years ago and this was the first time in ages the two mouthpiece masters had met. 

Theo worked on attendees mouthpieces as promised!

And we had a massive mouthpiece testing session for all attendees with many waiting in line to try the new Slant Sig Tenor mouthpiece that will be released in January 2017.  The Slant Sig sounded great!


I had a fantastic time getting to know the saxophonists who came and loved hearing the testing sessions with all sorts of magical saxophone sounds coming out of the testing rooms.  Thanks to everyone for a great event. 

Michael Brockman from the University of Washington was there testing mouthpieces and demonstrating his Broctave Key design for interested attendees.  He loved the Slant Sig too!

Thanks to the everyone who attended, to the Theo Wanne team, Cennamo Woodwinds, Grandlund Woodwind Repair, and Worldwide Sax for helping make the event a huge success!